About AegIS Cyber Security

We are your strategic trusted advisor

Our biggest aim is to empower companies to stand strong in the face of
today’s dynamic, sophisticated, and unrelenting cyber-attacks and
maintain business continuity and financial stability

Cyber attacks become more sophisticated. It requires new approaches to combat them.

Involve the full-stack cyber security services provider into your project with tons of experience in cybersecurity without any mediators or outsourcers.

Why AegIS Cyber Security

Get all benefits of working with cyber security recognized professionals. We are always ahead of the curve in the cyber security industry.

Forget about headaches caused by manual research through the industry. Just involve us in the project and spectate how magic goes on.


Working with by the best technology partners and customers. Our professionalism is confirmed by experts.


Chosen by world industries` leaders – Our clients include some of the most successful private equity companies worldwide. We protect companies, which are trusted by the whole world.


Awards that everyone would be proud of – Our team members have got numerous awards and recognitions for cybersecurity consulting and managed cybersecurity services in all of the top categories.