Ciso as a Service

What is included in this service?

Our services are designed to provide strategic cybersecurity guidance tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in healthcare, finance, and education sectors. With our vCISO Services, your organization can navigate complex security challenges with confidence and efficiency.

Here's a snapshot of our vCISO offerings:

Strategic Planning

Crafting cybersecurity strategy aligned with your business objectives.

Policy Development

Formulating security policies, standards, and procedures tailored for your operations.

Security Risk Assessment

Identifying, assessing, and prioritizing cybersecurity risks.

Vendor & Compliance Management

Ensuring partners and processes are compliant with security norms

Incident Management

Guiding response during and after a security breach to minimize damage and enhance recovery.

Resource Constraints

When hiring a full-time CISO is not feasible due to costs or limited resources.

Gap Analysis

Discovering gaps in your existing cybersecurity practices and wanting expert guidance to bridge them.

Rapid Expansion

If you're entering new markets or adopting new technologies.

Regulatory Push

Facing pressures from regulations that demand strict cybersecurity protocols.

Startups & SMBs

Companies that are growing but can't yet afford a full-time CISO.

Healthcare Institutions

Where data protection is paramount and compliance is strictly regulated.

Financial Services

Managing vast transactional data that's constantly at risk.

Educational Institutions

With vast digital transformations, they need to secure student and faculty data. In reality, any organization aiming to bolster its cybersecurity posture can benefit from a vCISO.

What benefits can your company expect?

Onboarding a vCISO provides:

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